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Shop and Catering services

Puuhamaa Bear


The Shop

The best souvenirs and a lot more can be found in the Shop. The selection ranges from sunglasses to rainponchos and from teddybears to T-shirts! You can also send a Puuhamaa postcard from the shop.

The shop is located next to the restaurant behind meeting point.


The Buffet Restaurant

The buffet restaurant’s menu includes meatballs, sausages, French fries, pizza, chicken and a vast selection of other delicious treats. You can also find vegetable dishes from buffet.

In the buffet restaurant you get to eat and drink everything with a single fee.

Buffet prices 2024:

  • Adult: 18,50 €
  • Child 3-12 -years old: 11,50 €
  • Child under three years old eats free with paying adult.

The restaurant is located next to the Shop.

The restaurant is open daily from 12 am. to 5 pm. (8.6.2023-14.6.2023 12am-3pm.)

  • Changes are possible.


Puhvetti restaurant

Puhvetti is located near the park entrance, in the same building with Info. Puhvetti restaurant’s menu includes for example burgers, nuggets, meatballs and French fries. In the need for sweet treats, Puhvetti provides you with a selection of ice cream and cold drinks.

Puhvetti is open daily from 10 am. to 7 pm. (meals are served from 11 am. to 6.30 pm.)

  • Changes are possible.


Grilli restaurant

Grilli is located in the northeast corner of the park, next to the traffic city and the trampolines. Grilli’s menu includes among else burgers, nuggets and French fries. Ice cream and cold drinks are served as well. Inside the Grilli-building you can also find an inside playing area with a labyrinth.

Grilli is open after midsummer on the sunny days.


The Kiosks

You can find a kiosk in the waterpark and next to the flying saucers. The selections of the kiosks include ice cream, warm and cold drinks, buns, pastries and all other kinds of tasty treats.

The opening hours of kiosks vary depending on the weather.


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