Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions and the rules of the park. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please contact us in [email protected]

General information

Who owns this place?

  • Puuhamaa’s Finnish parent company is Puuharyhmä Oyj, which in turn is owned by the large Spanish amusement park group Aspro Ocio A.S.

Can I withdraw cash in the Puuhamaa area?

  • Cash can be withdrawn for storage lockers. Unfortunately, other cash withdrawals are not possible in the Puuhamaa area. The nearest ATM can be found in the central area of ​​Tervakoski. Coins for storage lockers can be withdrawn from the ticket sales point.

Which payment methods are accepted in Puuhamaa?

  • In the Puuhamaa area, the most common payment cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Amex…) and cash are accepted as payment methods. Unfortunately, various sports benefits are not accepted as a means of payment.

Where and when can you see Puuhanalle?

  • Puuhanalle performs daily in front of Loopster (in front of the info point) at 12:00, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30 and 18:00

Can I bring my own snacks / drinks?

  • Eating your own snacks and grilling in the park area is allowed. However, the restaurant’s premises are mainly reserved for the restaurant’s customers. Bringing glass bottles to the water park is prohibited due to the risk of shards. Bringing your own alcoholic beverages into Puuhamaha is also strictly prohibited. You can see the locations of wood and gas grills and dining canopies on the map of the park area.

Can I bring a dog to Puuhamaa?

  • Dogs are welcome in the park as long as they are kept on a leash and litter is picked up. Dogs may not be taken indoors or to the water park.

Where is the Info point located?

  • The Puuhamaa Info point is located right next to the park entrance. When you arrive at the area you will see a lighthouse tower and a Loopster device. The info point is located in the red building next to these devices.

Where is the lost and found – point?

  • The found goods point is connected to the Puuhamaa info point.

Where is the first aid station?

  • The first aid point is located at the Puuhamaa info point.

Water park

Are the pool waters warm and clean?

  • All pool waters in the water park are heated. The health inspectors, as well as our own staff, regularly monitor that the water in our water park meets the requirements.

Can I bring my own toys / floats to the water park?

  • Yes, you can bring your own floats and water toys to the water park.

Are there age or size restrictions on the slides?

  • There are no actual age or size restrictions on the slides. Limitations are mainly caused by the depth of the pools (max. 100cm), even a small child can safely go to almost all water slides with an adult.

Why can’t you go to the sauna wearing a swimsuit?

  • There is always chlorine and bacteria in your swimsuit. When you go to a warm sauna with your swimsuit on, chlorine water and bacteria evaporate into the breathing air and spread to the sauna boards and walls. Because of this, even holding a swimsuit in your hand in the sauna is unhygienic.

Can strollers be brought to the water park?

  • Strollers can be brought to the water park.

What kind of dressing rooms are there in Puuhamaa?

  • Puuhamaa water park has two changing rooms. One for women and one for men. Unfortunately, there are no separate group changing rooms.

How do the lockers work?

  • Storage lockers work with a 2 € coin. So take a coin with you or you can also exchange money for cash or withdraw from card at Puuhamaa’s ticket sales point or at the ice cream kiosk next to the ticket sales point. A 2 € coin is returned from the cabinet every time it is opened. So you can use the same coin ultiple times. One cabinet is enough for about two or three people, depending on the amount of goods.

Ticket sale

How is the ticket sales point open?

  • The ticket sales point opens at the same time as the park opens. The ticket sales point closes before the park closes, after which you can buy a ticket at the ice cream kiosk next to the ticket office or at the Info point.

What is included in the day ticket and can I get a wristband?

  • The Puuhamaa day ticket includes all activities in the Puuhamaa area, including the water park. Wristbands are not used in Puuhamaa. If you want to leave the area during the day, you can get a stamp from the ticket sales point, which you need to show to get back into the area.

I don’t use activities and I don’t go swimming, do I need a ticket?

  • All visitors to the Puuhamaa area must have purchased a ticket. This is a area fee.

Can I leave the area and come back in the same day?

  • Yes, Puuhamaa’s day ticket is valid for the whole day and during the day you can travel to and from the area freely. When leaving the area, please ask for a stamp from the ticket sales point By showing the stamp, you can get back to the area.

How is the FunTour and HappyPass ticket valid?

  • FunTour: FunTour-lippu on voimassa aina kyseisen kesäkauden jona se on ostettu. Puuhamaasta tai Puuhamaan verkkokaupasta ostettu FunTour-lippu tulee käyttää ensin Puuhamaahan. Lipussa, jolla pääset myöhemmin Serenaan on merkitty Serenan kesäkauden viimeinen aukiolopäivä. Tarkistathan Serenan aukioloajat heidän omilta nettisivuiltaan. https://serena.fi/en/
  • HappyPass: HappyPass is the next day ticket. You can use this ticket to Puuhamaa on the day of your choice after the first visit. HappyPass is valid for the summer season in which the first visit is made. You can buy a HappyPass ticket on the spot in Puuhamaa.

Can I buy a next day ticket during the first visit?

  • You can buy a ticket for the second day during your first visit to Puuhamaa at the ticket office, in the store or at the ice cream kiosk next to the ticket sales point.

Does the assistant get to Puuhamaa for free?

  • The assistant of a paying client with a disability who needs individual support gets free entry to the park area and can go to the pools and activities with the assisted person free of charge. A disabled person must prove their need for an assistant with the EU Disability Card (with an A marking indicating the need for assistance).

At what age does a child need a ticket?

  • Children aged 0-2 enter the Puuhamaa area for free. A child who has reached the age of three and older needs an entry ticket.


What dining options are available in Puuhamaa?

Can strollers be brought into the restaurant?

  • Strollers are welcome in Puuhamaa’s restaurant premises.

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