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Puuhamaa Safety Instructions

Frequently asked questions

Who owns Puuhamaa ?

Puuhamaa is a part of a Finnish company Puuharyhmä Oyj which is owned by Spanish Aspro Ocio A.S

Where can I see the Puuha Bear ?

The Puuhabear will appear daily near the Loopster- attraction.
Times of performance are 12.00 13.30 15.00 16.30 and 18.00.

Can I bring my own lunch in to the park?

You can bring your own lunch in to the park but the restaurant are supposed to be used mainly by the customers. It is strictly prohibited to bring any alcohol into the park area. Glass containers are prohibited in the waterpark area because of the danger of shards. The locations of the grills can be seen on the park map.

Why can’t I wear my swimsuit in the saunas?

Swimsuit always contains some chlorine and bacteria. The heat from the sauna will evaporate the chlorine and bacteria into the air and into the walls. This is why it is also unhygienic to hold your swimsuit in your hand.

Are there any weight or height limits in the waterslides?

There are no weight or height limits in the waterslides. The only limitations are caused by the depth of the pools ( 35cm, 50cm, 80 cm, and 100 cm)

Can I bring pets in to the waterpark?

You can’t bring any animals in to the waterpark.

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