The Soft ball cannons

The Soft ball cannons, tablecurling, the maze. Challenge your friends into a battle with air pressure cannons loaded with soft cannonballs. You may also try out tablecurling or step into the maze if you dare.


The Play yard

The Play yard (the stilts, the sandboxes, the climbing frame, the giant chess set) All kinds of fun can be found next to the Info-point. You can spend your time playing on the sandboxes, climbing on the climbing frame, or improving your skills on the stilts or the giant chess set.



Loopster is a thrilling ride that takes you looping of your own will. The movements of the cart are be controlled within the cabin. Maximum weight 160kg / cart. Minimum length of the passenger 110cm.


Miniature golf

Improve your golf skills and find out who is the master of putting in the Puuhamaa’s golf course of nine holes.


Teddybear carousel

In the Teddybear carousel you will sit in the back of a bear carved out of wood. Good for all ages.



Playarea, the pirate ships In the playarea you will find all the necessary for a successful playing session. Swings, merry-go-round, sandboxes, toys and two pirate ships.


The Helicopter track

The pedaled Helicopters glide along a track in the height of 4 meters. Minimum lenght 130cm. Pilots under 130cm only with adults.


The Eccentric bikes

The Eccentric bikes have been giving eccentric rides since the founding of the park. A true classic!


The flying saucers

An intergalatic war is fought between the flying saucers. Weightlimit of 120kg. Pilots under 120cm only with adults.


Tiger Slide

In the Tiger slide you will slide 34 meters into a 50 cm deep children’s pool.


The Victoria falls

Victoria falls is a crazy slide that is slidden with an inflatable boat. The 55 meter long ride begins from the height of 10,5 meters. Hats are recommended to be taken off before entering the Victoria Slide. Weight limit 120kg/boat.

Surfing Hill

Surfing Hill

In the Surfing Hill you surf on top of a thin layer of water. The tracks are 27 meters and 35 meters long and start from the heights of 5,5 meters and 7,5 meters. From Surfing hill you slide in to a 35 cm deep pool.



Trolleys are vehicles driven by your own strength.


The swan boats

The two-seated Swanboats are moved by paddling. Weight limit 120 kg / boat.


The White waterslides

The White waterslides will offer you three different rides. The longest slides start from the height of eight meters and curl down with the lenghts of 50 and 65 meters. The third slide starts from the height of five meters and is 45 meters long. The White slides descend into a pool with the depth of 100cm.


Pedal cars

Pedal cars are raced along a funny country track. There are two sizes of pedal cars available for smaller and bigger drivers.


The boating pond

In the boating pond you can admire the scenery while enjoying the soothing ride provided by a paddleboat, rowboat or canoe. Weight limit 120kg / boat.



The 70 meters long Rafting-slide will be slidden with a tube from the height of 8,5 meters into a pool of 100cm.


The jungle track

Try out your jungle skills on the jungle track.


The Electric cars

Under adult’s supervision, even the smallest drivers may challenge the curves of the Electric car -track. The Electric cars are meant for children under the age of 8 years.


The Nosedive slides

In the Nosedive slides you will plunge from 6,5 meters in to a speedy slide on top of the water. The depth of the pool is 100 cm.


The kids’ jungle track

The little ones have their own jungle track to conquer.


Miniformulas F3

The F3’s provide young drivers with the first experience of slightly faster cars. Minimum lenght of the driver 110 cm.


The Yellow tube slide

In the yellow tube slide you can try out the g-forces. Starting from the height of 8,5 meters, the Yellow tube slide will descend 35 meters into a 10cm deep aquacatch.


The trampolines

The highest airs and smoothest tricks can be seen on the trampolines.


Formulas F2

Feel the speed and tight corners of the F2-track with a co-driver or attack the curves in solo. Minimum length of the driver 140 cm.


The Kiddie pool 50cm

The kiddie pool is for safe and funny times for the little ones. It is possible to slide into the 50cm deep pool either along the Elephant slide or Snake slide.


The Niagara-slides

The Niagara-slides 37m/8m and 41m/9,5m The Niagara-slides are slidden with a mat. The slides are slidden from 8 meters and from 9,5 meters. For safety reasons the Niagara-slides will be closed in the rainy days.


Formulas F1

The fastest formula cars for the most daredevil drivers. Minimum lenght of the driver 140 cm.


The Tube river

In the tube river you will experience a laid-back ride lying on the tube. Lenght of the Tube river is 120 meters. Depth of the pool is 80 cm.


The Bouncy spot

Bounce your heart out in the bouncing hills and bouncing castles of the bouncing spot.


The story boats

Cruise around on a boat resembling a frog or a swan. An electric engine will offer the ride. Weight limit 120kg.



The Waterplay-tower will offer all the fun of splashing in a 50cm deep pool.


The Traffic city

The Puuhamaa’s traffic city has its own post office, police station, bank, and lots of other things!


The electric boats

The electric boats will carry several little skippers or an adult and a child. The electric boats are powered by an electric engine and controlled by the spin of the helm. Maximum carrying capacity of the boat 120 kg.


The Crazy pipe

The Crazy pipe lives up to its name. The descent with a tube from the height of 10 meters will offer you guaranteed screams of laughter. The slide will finish into the bottom of the halfpipe into 10cm of water.


The Grill

The Grill, The labyrinth Inside the Grill-restaurant building you can find an amusing labyrinth and lots of other funny stuff.


The Golf carts

Pick your friend up and take a ride on the Golf-carts! Minimum height of the driver 140cm.


The Wild tube

The Wild tube running next to the Crazy pipe is the longest slide in Puuhamaa. Starting from 10 meters the 86 meters long slide will descend into a 10cm deep aquacatch

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